Decision Time 1

by grudgebet On May 13, 2010

When is the final table? Who’s hosting the week Tim can’t? Who let the dogs out? Who shot J.R? These are pivitol questions of our generation and without the aswers we’ll be as lost as Obama’s birth certificate. (That’s a joke…simmer down)

Frank aka The Uniballer 0

by grudgebet On May 10, 2010

I’m just saying…

details 2

by yoshi On April 29, 2010

Who the hell is in charge here?
Who is going to Vegas win or lose? If/when I win my entry, I’m bringing Allison, my gf. We will most likely stay with her cousin who lives in Vegas. Might be possible for all of us to stay there. Since I am planning [...]

“what a dick” 1

by yoshi On April 20, 2010

freakin hilarious!
He was fuming all night….

what YOU need-real averages 5

by grudgebet On April 13, 2010

The top 9 will be shuffling dramatically in the last few weeks, as 8th-9th-&-10th place finishes are replaced with better ones (hopefully!)
I only averaged your top 10’s.  And I only did the people I thought are “in-it-to-WIN-it”.  What you need is listed below.  Only 7 weeks left Good Luck.


Update 4-9-10 1

by grudgebet On April 12, 2010

Here’s an update for the curious ones. Donnie, Lindsay & Charlie are technically in the top ten, I have no idea who they are and don’t think they will be getting the 10 minimum games to qualify, so disregard them.  Remember, only the TOP 9 make the final table.

Tiebreakers were determined at the beginning of [...]

PCP 2010 0

by yoshi On January 18, 2010

Who won week one?
Before the break, I had a low pocket pair three times, and lost with each one. Shortly before I busted, I was big blind with 7 3 os. Flop comes 883 rainbow. I bet 100, everyone folds to Jackson who shoves all in. Has me covered. I puss out and fold, Jackson [...]

Footballs back!!! 0

by grudgebet On September 11, 2009

Don’t forget the Packers will be stick’n it to the Bear this Sunday night!!!


by grudgebet On August 4, 2009

Turbo & I are celebrating our Birthday’s at the Draught House Pub, Tuesday August 11th…everyone’s invited, come have a beer with us!!!

Tim 1

by yoshi On July 18, 2009

is gay.