what YOU need-real averages

The top 9 will be shuffling dramatically in the last few weeks, as 8th-9th-&-10th place finishes are replaced with better ones (hopefully!)

I only averaged your top 10’s.  And I only did the people I thought are “in-it-to-WIN-it”.  What you need is listed below.  Only 7 weeks left Good Luck.




5 Responses to “what YOU need-real averages”

  1. Danno Says:

    Don’t tell the russian hackers, but the website is updated.

  2. yoshi Says:

    Thanks to both of you fools.
    And Tim is totally gay.

  3. biggie Says:

    well first week says i got 4th but its still not listed on there i wanna keep it fung schway says i got 3 3rd

  4. Danno Says:

    Bigs, I fixed it. Karma’s back on your side.

  5. biggie Says:

    how dare ya work on 420 and so close to 420 too ill make sure when ya stay for 5 min next time ya get a puff L)