Who the hell is in charge here? ;-)

Who is going to Vegas win or lose? If/when I win my entry, I’m bringing Allison, my gf. We will most likely stay with her cousin who lives in Vegas. Might be possible for all of us to stay there. Since I am planning on winning, I need to know when the possible dates and/or tourneys are.
We also need to nail down the date of the final table. Summer months are busy, so lets figure out the date. Tim mentioned he wants to do a deep stack, long ass final table- so if we do that I would rather start in the afternoon. My vote is final table Saturday June 5th.

2 Responses to “details”

  1. biggie Says:

    well we all know your not gonna win im picking jackson to win with me 2nd and im gonna go to vegas cuz im gonna beat jackson heads up for the win yankee go my place taken care of i just need a pretty new crystal trophy to hold my winnings down lol. i will send everyone wish you were here post cards though

  2. grudgebet Says:

    I’m not in charge, maybe that’s why you have so many unanswered questions lol…
    June 5th’s got my vote too (May 29th to go to the June 5th event).
    I guess the plan is to all go together, but you don’t have to if schedules won’t allow.
    June 5th NLH-4 day $1000
    June 12th NLH-4 day $1000
    June 19th NLH-4 day $1000
    June 26th NLH-4 day $1000
    July 1st NLH-4 day $1000

    There are many 3 day NLH events in between, they are mostly $1500. I think you get $1000 from PCP, but shouldn’t you be able to play any event you want?? I think so. We’re pretty much locked into june, fuck we need to get this thing over with. Google WSOP 2010 schedule. Hope this helps,


    The guy who won’t even make the final table