Speak your mind 0

by grudgebet On June 22, 2009

Cash game @ my house Thursday—8:30.  Come give your two cents about the next league so we can get started.

New league 1

by yoshi On June 12, 2009

When does it start?
What changes are going to be made?
The biggest change I would like to see is a vested system. Say we have a 16 week league- you would need to be vested in at least 8 weeks to make the final. Base points off your best finishes. That is how we [...]

Trophy 0

by grudgebet On June 1, 2009

Congrats on sucking me out one last time, just too bad you NEEDED all that luck to win now come get it, I don’t do deliveries sucka….see pic below!!!


by Danno On June 1, 2009

Alright bitches, time to make Vegas plans. This is the only option that seems to work for everyone:

No-Limit Hold’em (Event 39)
Saturday, June 20 to Monday, June 22, 2009.
Buy-in: $1,500.  No Rebuy/Addons.
Last day of pre-registration (required): June 6.

Players begin with $4,500 in Tournament Chips. All levels will last 60 minutes. Breaks will be every two [...]

PCP Championship - Final Table Details 8

by admin On May 26, 2009

So here’s everything you need to know about the final table:
Payout amounts are subject to change until the last bills get paid.

will the donkey make it??? 2

by grudgebet On May 24, 2009

behind be nearly 9.5 pts…will donk-a-sor-ass make it???  maybe we can all skip this week and let him and rich play heads up for it.

Vegas Options 1

by super_d_style On May 19, 2009

These are 2-3 miles from the strip. We can have them for an entire week.
There’s about six more that are 2 miles away from strip. Tasker, Dan, Rob and who ever else is considering. Check these out online and let me know. I want to schedule real soon so I can ask off.
Club de Soleil
Located [...]

can i vote against suck outs????? 1

by biggie On May 19, 2009

i didnt see the option so i just wanted to add it  read my lips no more suckouts   hope b williams didnt hear me hahahahahahahahaha

Final Tournament Payouts 1

by Danno On May 15, 2009

I think we’re all pretty much in agreement.  So to keep things simple, how about this - we can fine-tune #1  based on our actual final league pot (huh huh huh…):

Final Tournament and Payouts 10

by Danno On May 13, 2009

Final Tournament will be on Saturday May 30th.  Get there around noon, first deal will be around 1:00.
We still need to hash out the blind schedule and chip counts - here are some proposed payout options for you top 10-ish players to mull over, assuming $5500 in the league pot: